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Fast lane in Swansea, South Wales is a cycling programme emphasising the mental and physical benefits derived from cycling.

Welcome to Fast Lane in Swansea!

I have created this not-for-profit concept of outdoor cycling to improve mental and physical wellbeing that I've gotten from cycling. There was a period in life where used to be overweight, depressed and feeling miserable but starting outdoor cycling provided me with immeasurable improvement in my mental and physical health - it give me energy, a sense of fun, made me lose weight and overall I felt more confident and better about myself.

I am aiming to provide cycling sessions free of charge for individuals or groups (2 or more people) who want to get some of the benefits that I've gotten from it. It is scientifically proven that doing an activity with someone else is more likely to make you stick to it than to do it solo. So is worth considering if you are perhaps like motivation, you can drop-out if you feel like it is not for you.

So whether you're unemployed, a career person seeking to relax and enjoy some time doing something fun and healthy, or a parent with a busy home life looking for a breather, please get in touch to arrange a ride around the Swansea area as there is not cost other than your time and effort!

If you like the idea of taking part then I look forward to hearing from you.

About me

I am a man in my mid-30's who's had a lifelong passion for cycling since I have been a child. It is something not only that I find enjoyable, but that helps my mood and feeling of wellbeing.

My passion for cycling started whenever I saw and got on my first bike back in Italy in the mid-90's, and I became fascinated with it when I watched Marco Pantani and Lance Armstrong compete against each other in one of cycling's toughest and  most prestigious race in the professional cycling calendar - Le Tour De France.

There reason I created this program is twofold: to highlight the enjoyment you can get from from cycling no matter your level of fitness; but also for the immediate health benefits associated with cycling: from improved mood, to greater physical health and wellbeing, to weight management due to increased metabolism as well as to better overall feeling of wellness.

Please contact me below and let's begin this journey to greater mental and physical wellbeing.

Book a Service

Jayne Lewis, St Helens

“I really wanted to improve my health and fitness as I struggled with energy and motivation, however joining the Fast Lane cycling program really helped me get outside enjoying nature and Marco was capable of instilling a sense of fun and enthusiasm which really helped me enjoy being on a bike."

Natalie Jones, Manselton

"I just want to thank Marco for creating this fantastic program which really helped improve my mental and physical energy and I feel so much better now - cycling really is so fun and enjoyable I am really pleased with my results from this program."

Lisa Driver, Brynhyfryd

“As someone who suffers from mild anxiety and struggles to get outdoors I was really pleased to join this cycling based program and immediately started feeling better after each session - I recommend it if you want to start a mental and fitness wellbeing program as cycling is such a simple but fantastic activity to get you active.”
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